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A core issue with young people is lack of self confidence and self esteem, as well as confusion about who they are, and difficulties in family and peer relationships.

I enjoy working with young people, typically aged 15-25, who have specific issues and developmental needs which are different to those of older adults. These include, for example, bullying at school or work, depression or anxiety, parental breakup, sibling conflicts,eating problems, personality problems, image disorders,self-harm, risky behaviour, school refusal or inability to get on in life, drug or alcohol abuse etc.

Therapeutic input can make a big difference to how teenagers and young people feel, and a therapist can help a young person to adress their difficulties so that they do not have to develop into something life-long and more serious. It can also helop them gain some clarity about what they want out of life. A therapist outside the family, who is friendly, easy to talk to, who treats them with respect, who really listens to them carefully,and who is safe and confidential - can help a young person to develop more confidence and better communication skills.

Parental support is often necessary to provide transport, arrange sessions and pay fees. Sometimes sessions that include the parents can be beneficial for the whole family, although many young people prefer their sessions to be separate.. .


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