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Many different types of psychotherapy and counselling are available,
How do you choose?

The choice includes dozens of different types, for example, individual or group psychotherapy, family therapy, person-centred counselling,Core Process Psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural
counselling (CBT), therapeutic counselling, psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Do you go to your GP or find a private practitioner?
What is the difference between a psychiatrist,a psychologist or a psychotherapist?

Some people are convinced that one type is "better" than
another for particular issues and difficulties, but there is research that indicates that it is not the type of psychotherapy or counselling that is so important but the quality of the relationship and the degree of rapport with the therapist. What matters is perhaps that you feel you can connect and feel understood by this person..

Perhaps the major differences are to do with personal philosophy of life:
do you prefer to take a problem-solving approach and get on with life, or are you more interested in a journey of learning, reflection and self-realisation with someone who can support you to get to know yourself better?.

If you want to find out more about any of these questions,
please contact me.


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