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Psychotherapy is a human relationship that provides feedback, in-depth
mutual thought and reflection about you, your personality, your life issues, your development, your current situation - and of course, how your childhood experiences may be still affecting you. It's a relationship that provides
special moments of understanding and contact with someone who is highly trained in the art and craft of listening. It's a close relationship that is protected by professional boundaries and confidentiality, so that whatever is discussed in the room stays there. You are free to discuss anything at all.

How does it work?

After the initial session, where both parties are free to decide whether they think this is a good idea, there is a mutual commitment to attend for a few weeks, preferably at the same time each week. A regular weekly session helps to create a feeling of safety and progress. After the intial few weeks, you may review the therapy and decide whether you want to go further or not. Sessions are confidential and held in a discreet consulting room. Therapists must abide by a code of pracice which prevents them from having any social, business or any other dealings with their clients.

Many people are scared at the thought of seeing a therapist - they imagine this will be a scary person who will sit in total silence, or make terrible judgements about them. It is not like that. You will be made to feel welcome,and you'll discover that the therapist is warm and has a genuine interest in getting to know you. He or she will find a way to work with you that suits you.


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