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Which is the right one for you?

There's no straightforward answer to this question that everyone will agree on! Most counselling is short term, and is focused on specific problems. Counsellors train for 2-3 years, and courses are available at many local colleges.

Most psychotherapy is longer term - 3-6 months or more - and
psychotherapists go through a training of 4 years or more, usually at
postgraduate level, through either a university or a private institute.

Psychotherapists also have to undergo their own psychotherapy,
of the same length and depth that they offer to their clients. This gives them the opportunity to work through their own personal issues
so they can keep these separate from those of their clients.

Counselling is often cheaper, and there are more counsellors available.
If the problem is more complex, or you are experiencing
symptoms of depression, anxiety or any other disorder,
then psychotherapy may be more appropriate


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