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If you are having difficulties in your relationship, do not leave it too long before you seek help. Couples counselling can make a big difference, quickly.

The experienced couples counsellor does not show any favouritism, and makes sure there is equal time, space and respect for everyone in the room. This means that if you need to have a disagreement, it can be fair and safe!

Couples sessions are less frequent than individual therapy, as time is needed for the couple to put homework assignments into practice, and report back. A lot of useful work can be done in couples counselling to practise communication skills and behaviours which can greatly imorove the quality of your everyday interactions.. .

If you think it would be too difficult to attend couples counselling, there is a helpful interactive section for couples in The 1000 most impotant questions you will ever ask yourself. This 55-page section includes questionnaires that you both answer, which gives you plenty of material for discussion, and should enable you to get more of of a handle on whats happening, for example
the particular difficult phase that your relationship is going through.


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