The 1000 most
important questions
you will ever ask yourself

That make life work for you

Alyss Thomas



A new oracle of change
Why you don't need a fix
The trap of negativity, complaining, hopelessness,
low self-esteem, guilt and self-blame
Why should I?
Do I deserve this?
Denial and Excuses
How this book works

Chapter 1 Ask Yourself

What do I really want?
The life questions
What do you want to get sorted?
Action Planner
Confidence and self-esteem
Rate your self-esteem
Seven exercises for developing self-esteem
Self-confidence work-out
Plan for success
Thirteen successful outcomes
How much do you sabotage yourself?

Chapter 2 Choose Your Values

What are your values
Decide on your values
The values list
The values work-out
Putting values to work: making decisions
An ethical base

Chapter 3 Time, Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation

All you need to know about stress and time management
Time management
Morning and evening questions
Finding the right questions
Dealing with life stressors
Are you affected by invisible internal stressors?
What have you been taught about how to handle stress?:
Saying 'No'
The 'No' Questionnaire
Anxiety - what is it?
Understanding anxiety
Do you have the physical symptoms of anxiety?
Do you have the emotional and mental symptoms
of anxiety?
Do you really know how to relax?
The relaxation questions
How mindful are you?
Recognising mindfulness
A visualisation exercise

Chapter 4 Dealing with the Past

Are you living in the past?
Your time line
Surviving the past
What special abilities, insights and skills has
your past given you?
The transference trap
Difficult or uncomfortable memories
Difficult memories quiz
The myth of moving on
Rethink the past

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